The Altai

Exploration in Southern Siberia, 9th-28th August 2012

The Team

All four members of the expedition met and climbed together at Bristol University. Despite each bringing mountaineering experience from around the world, we had never gone on expedition together, and for us all this was our first remote, self-supported trip. The three other individuals in the picture below are some Russians who were hiking through the valley and joined us at basecamp for a couple of nights.

George Cave (23)

Routes climbed: Un-named 3608m peak, N face of 3716m peak (not completed), Irbistu N ridge, Dzhaniktu N ridge

George has been running amok in the mountains for years now, with his infectious enthusiasm and limitless energy nearly always welcome on a long day out. Normally highly organised, he's tried all the tricks in the past including the classic "I forgot my sleeping bag can I share please Eleri" (it worked). Works as a product design engineer for most of the week, but sometimes also builds websites - rather like this one.

Past mountaineering highlights include the Pyrenees, Saas Fee, Norway & Swedish Kungsleden. George has climbed Scottish Winter to IV, trad to HVS and is ML qualified.

Eleri Dawson (23)

Routes climbed: Un-named 3608m peak, Irbistu SW ridge, Dzhaniktu N ridge

Our group's token female, but don’t let her blond hair and love of hair products fool you. This woman will out-walk and out-climb anyone who tries to tell her she can’t. Currently half way through a grad scheme to become an accountant, Eleri spends her time trying to convince people that auditors are nice people.

Past mountaineering highlights include Saas Fee, Cuillin Ridge (Skye), the Julian Alps and high altitude climbing and trekking in Peru. Eleri has climbed Scottish Winter to V,5 , trad to E2 and sport to 7a.

Clay Conlon (22)

Routes climbed: Un-named 3706m peak, N face of 3716m peak (not completed), Irbistu N ridge, Dzhaniktu N ridge

When we first met Clay, we used to make endless jokes about getting ID'd at the pub. Four years later, nothing has changed, but no one can deny that Clay has a wealth of mountaineering experience far greater than his youthful looks would suggest. Always on the hunt for a kit bargain, he's been seen rocking out the Tesco Down sleeping bag on more than one alpine bivy.

Past mountaineering highlights include two seasons in Chamonix, Norway and the Cuillin Ridge (Skye).  Clay has climbed Scottish Winter to IV, trad to E1 and Alpine to D.

Greg Annandale (26)

Routes climbed: Un-named 3608m peak, Irbistu SW ridge

Amateur cyclist, scuba diver, adventurer and photographer – Greg will get stuck in with anything as long as it is outdoors. In between adventures Greg works as a freelance web developer and audio visual producer. We understand this to mean that he gets paid to go on holiday and take photos. They don't come out too badly either, you can judge for yourself at

Past mountaineering highlights include a lot of ski touring and ski mountaineering around La Grave (Ecrins) and in Sweden. Greg has climbed trad to HVS and Alpine to PD.