The Altai

Exploration in Southern Siberia, 9th-28th August 2012

Interactive Trip Map

The map below plots all twitter posts and SPOT messenger updates sent live during the course of the expedition. Click on a pointer for more information.

Map Legend

Route Markers
Climbing Tweets
Basecamp Tweets
Transport Tweets
Weather Tweets
Other Tweets
SPOT "OK" Messages
SPOT "Basecamp" Messages

How did this work?

Our satphone number was registered with our twitter account @thealtai. When we sent a tweet from the phone, we manually entered the lat+long of our current location for that tweet into the text. These were plotted on the map above as icons in the markers.

We also sent messages using our SPOT Tracker to both our twitter account and personal contacts. These are plotted as small ticks or house markers on the map.

This system was devised, built and tested in the weeks before we left. However, for obvious reasons, we had no idea whether it would work correctly or not. Most of the messages were appearing ok, but then we accidentally crashed it by sending a badly formatted tweet. Now we are back, this has all been cleaned up and fixed so it should be working just fine for you!

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